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Make master item description show as tooltip in Table

Partner - Creator II
Partner - Creator II

Make master item description show as tooltip in Table

Hi  Very simple improvement (I think).   I want to be able to show and end user the definition of a measure (could apply to dimensions too) when the measure is included in a table.

You have a master measure description field - but I don't know where it is used other than in the creation/editing of the master item.    If you search for a master item does it search in the Description field too???

You also have a tooltip which appears when you hover over a column heading in a table but this just shows the name of the master item (which you already know because it is the column heading!)

Could you change the tooltip so it shows the description of the master item (which typically could show a user friendly definition of the measure).   

Maybe you could/should:

-   add a tick box in the master item - Use Description as ToolTip

-   think of this as a Definition not a description


Essentially Measures are commonly centrally defined Measures or Indicators and it would be really good to show the end user the definition that gave rise to the number.

If you are really going to do the data quality/data literacy you could have a popup if the expression is changed but the definition has not changed to say "You have changed the expression for this measure - do you need to update the definition?"   

If you think that Definition and Description are different things, then you could just add a new field with a "Use Definiton" toggle which popped up the definition box so it does not make extra work for people who do not think it is useful and would not involve changing existing behaviour.




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Thank you for your feedback on ways to improve our product. While this is something we understand would be useful, it's not on the short-term roadmap. Please continue to show your support for this idea.

A partial workaround could be to have the expression description in variable  and use the variable in the new custom tooltip and the master measure description expression.


Status changed to: Open - Collecting Feedback

Same demand here.. And it would be so simple as qlik sense already show the measure name on mouse hover.

Partner - Contributor III
Partner - Contributor III

this would be a very nice addition to the tool


I am also looking for this feature and came here. I support the idea.

Anyone able to implement the workaround that @Patric_Nordstrom  mentioned? I only understood until creating a variable whose value is the description. Didn't follow how to use it as custom tooltip. Custom tooltip option is available only for few types of charts such as pie charts.