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QS column names as entity tag in NPrinting

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Partner - Creator

QS column names as entity tag in NPrinting

When using QV and NPrinting, you can use the column names as entity tags in NPrinting designer.
Example: Column with fixed label 'Gross Profit' in QV, shows the column name in NP designer.
Screenshot - entity tag is the label.png

When using QS and NPritning, the formula behind the column name is used as entity tag in NPrinting designer.
Example: column with fixed label in QS shows the expression in NP designer.
Screenshot - entity tag is expression instead of label.png


This behaviour is confirmed 'as designed' by Qlik.

This is really confusing since you can connect both QV and QS to NPrinting.
Also very unpractical because if a small change is done to your QS formula, the whole NPrinting report stops working.
If I change my expression of sales in QS, I automatically want this same expression in my NPrinting report.
Now I have to open my report, remove the old entity tag, update the column and replace the old entity tag with the new entity tag in my report.

With QV this is not an issue because the column names are used.

It would be better to provide the option to import fixed column names from QS as entity tags in NPrinting.
I would love to see this changed/added.

As a work-around for the time being, you can use variables or master items.
This way the variable or MasterItem ID is imported as entity tag.

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True! Very annoying. 

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Partner - Contributor II


Really annoying when your Sense App is under development and changing formulas gives you NPrinting errors.

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Partner - Contributor III
Neat idea - would make navigation a lot easier