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Replicate - Additional functionality on reload and scheduling

Contributor III
Contributor III

Replicate - Additional functionality on reload and scheduling

When attempting to load data in a batch manner instead of replication, it would be great to see additional options for added flexibility. These include:

  • When reloading, is to add a function to do a logical delete from the target table (instead of drop & recreate, truncate, or do nothing), to only delete a portion of the data set. Becomes important if the target table has Row Level Security applied, where certain operations like table drops cant be performed, or if only wanting to "reload" a delta, and a partial targeted delete would help capture all updates.
  • On full reloads with a filter on source table, to pull the filter value based on a "Max" value from the column in the target table.
  • When scheduling starts, stops, and reloads, ability to do hourly scheduling as well.
Former Employee
Former Employee

We do have plans to improve the scheduling features available in Replicate in the future. 

For the other items, we do not have plans to address these within the product - I suggest you post on Qlik Replicate Forums to see if other customers have come up with solutions for similar use cases.

Status changed to: Open - On Roadmap

From now on, please track this idea from the Ideation portal. 

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Explorer II
Explorer II
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