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Sheet thumbnails

Luminary Alumni
Luminary Alumni

Sheet thumbnails

Manually taking snapshot images of sheets to provide professional looking app overview sheet content has a number of problems :

  • It takes time
  • Not all users have the skills to produce consistent image files
  • If the sheet contains conditional content e.g. section access based, then the manual snapshot image might reveal sensitive data
  • The media library needs managed
  • Every time a user edits a base sheet the image is out of date
  • Version control of the images is needed in an enterprise environment
  • When a user duplicates a sheet and works on the private copy the new copy also needs manual work

Qlik Sense produces a grey version of the sheet layout in the thumbnail by default. Can this be made cleaner and can the sheet image be captured automatically in its glorious user-facing state - 100% dynamic too ?


Partner - Specialist II
Partner - Specialist II


Just a comment : you have to take the section access into account... maybe not that easy.

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Duplicate of

Andrew, perhaps add the input from the idea in a comment?

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