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Shortcut for editing Master item (dimension or measure) from Chart properties in Qlik Sense


Shortcut for editing Master item (dimension or measure) from Chart properties in Qlik Sense

As a Qlik Sense App developer, I would like to be able quickly to modify the Master item I am using in a Chart, so that I can work on the Chart with as little interruption as possible.

When you add a Master item to an app, you rarely know exactly how that Master item should be used, for example how colours should be selected or what name it should have. You might even need to modify the expression, to handle data points you didn't know you had. 

As you use the item in different Charts, you keep finding changes you want to make. Currently, you make such changes by opening the Assets pane, navigating to Master items, navigating to the type of Master item you are looking for and finally opening and editing that Master item. That is a long excursion from the Chart work you were doing.

Two implementation suggestions:

1) Add a pencil icon button beside the link icon for the Master item in the Chart properties, let that pencil button open the Master item for editing.

2) Add an option for editing the Master item to the user interaction following a click on the link icon.

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