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Support table partition management from within Compose

Contributor III
Contributor III

Support table partition management from within Compose

Huge tables  in the Delta Lake would benefit from partitioning in Qlik Compose. Table creation, including partitioning, should be handled in the Compose user interface and not require manual intervention using scripts created by Compose outside of the tool. This allows the tool to better cater to the needs of those who want to use Compose for large, billion+ row tables without adding the manual steps that can make supporting hundreds of tables in the tool very difficult.

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Thanks for the ideation.   

As you've alluded to -  the current work-around is to applying partitioning outside of Compose.  However,  managing partition definition in QDI solutions is on the roadmap.

Defining partitions for databricks is on the roadmap for

  • Replicate Delta endpoint
  • Compose 



Status changed to: Open - On Roadmap