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Tenant admin should be able to manage all features of a Qlik Sense Enterprise Saas environment


Tenant admin should be able to manage all features of a Qlik Sense Enterprise Saas environment

Dear Qlik,

We're encountering multiple issues in trying to manage a Qlik Sense Saas environment efficiëntly on a daily basis.
I've created a couple of ideas already, but to be honest I'd like them to be resolved in a single sprint/update.
At the moment a tenant admin can't access all features of the tenant and all features of the apps within the tenant.
So the name "tenant admin" isn't really the right name for this role.
At the moment there's no tenant administrator available that can manage the complete tenant with all of its features.

Request 1: Tenant admin needs same rights on a space and an app as the original "owner/creator"

When you create a space and an app then you're automatically become the owner of the app.
Now you're the only one that's allowed to use the data load editor for example.
What is the current work around if you want to change an app that's orignally created by your colleague?
You need to go to the management console;
You need to change the owner of the space. Please note that the current owner, being the original creator for example is removed from the space immediately;
You need to change te owner of the app;
Than you need to add the original creator of the app as a member to the space again otherwise the reload doesn't work, because the connection is linked to the original creator of the connection and can'te be managed by a Tenant admin as well (that's another issue);
Than finally you can go into the data load editor and work on the app.

Request 2: Tenant admin can't manage the connections created by other users

A tenant admin can't access the details of a connection that has been created by another user. So when I need to change something in a connection I need to ask my colleague to change that or even worse I need to setup a complete new connection and change the apps associated with this connection.
And that's when my colleague is still a user. What happens when my colleague decides to change jobs and leaves the company?
I have to go through all of his connections and recreate them and change all the apps.

Request 3:  "My sheets" should be accessable by tenant admins

When you have a sheet that's not public but work in progress by another user you can't access that sheet. So you can't collaborate on an app without setting a sheet to public and than your colleague can access the sheet.
Everytime you need to think about this and with all the other things you need to think about and work arounds this tends to be forgotten.

Kind regards,


Please send me a pm if you want to get in contact.

Partner - Contributor III
Partner - Contributor III

Hi - I can't agree with all aspects of your above idea; although I have had those frustrations.

For us, Qlik Sense brings self-service with Governance - a key aspect of this is ownership, security and privacy.

To encourage self-service, you need users to have confidence that their Personal Space is private and this is also true for personal sheets.

Within a Shared Space I believe the roles and sharing is changing but what I find very hard to manage is the lack of identity of ownership at Sheet/Story level.

We usually design a Space where we place our governed Data Connections - for other users to use those connections they need to have Edit role but that means they can add Data Files and delete them!  I think this is a challenge but with Catalog coming we are likely to see improvement.

Qlik Sense Enterprise SaaS needs to be a generally useful governance model... when it is not sufficient, at least there is Qlik Sense Enterprise Client-managed.

Whatever Qlik do, they need to honour the owner at Space, App, Data Connection, Sheet, Story level and we seriously need to see the ownership as you can in Client-managed.


Hi AdamBS,

Thank you very much for taking the time to comment on my idea and share your insights and experiences. I really appreciate it!

Would you be so kind to eleborate some more on how you've solved to have users manage connections that are created by other users?

Because as far as I've seen and have got to know from Qlik themself this isn't possible at the moment. Due to "security reasons" as you mentioned.
But at the same time I can create a new connection with the same connection details and use it because I have access to the datasource behind the connection.
So what's the use in preventing me, as a tenant admin, to edit the connections of my colleague who's also a tenant admin.

We have a setup where our Analyzer users are our end customers and my colleague and I need full control over every aspect of the Qlik Sense Enterprise Saas environment to work as efficiently as possible.

With every system in the end there is always the need for some user to be in control of everything. So there's some user who has control to manage everything if needed.
And to be honest, if those persons are only the employees of the supplier of the platform than there's really something wrong with your governance...😉

Kind regards,


Partner - Contributor III
Partner - Contributor III

Interesting situation.  I think your challenge is the existing governance is for enabling self-service users vs your situation of team development.

You have given me some things to think on and to test.  

I still like the idea of using a Space for Data Connections where the Space owner can assign Admin / Edit and I will take some time to see if current mechanism blocks DC management.

As before, I know the Qlik guys are reviewing specifically for your type of situation.  Will revert here if I can find something sensible.


Hi, is there any development in this matter? Currently, as tenant admin, I cannot edit connections to apps created by other people, despite having the biggest access rights there could be. This is quite frustrating.


Hi, this is a blocking issue for us. We load apps automatically with a technical user name, but then need people to access the apps loaded by this technical user and maybe also update the connection details and change something eventually. 

Partner - Creator III
Partner - Creator III


Urgent for us too, as a tenant admin I need to modify data connections created by others users.

Example : I create a data connection to Sharepoint, it is used by all Qlik developpers of our Group, when the token expire, only me can update this connection (if I'm not in vacation...), the others tenant admin can't modify it.