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Use fields as well as Master Items in "My Sheets" area in a published app whether from On Prem or Saas.

Partner - Contributor III
Partner - Contributor III

Use fields as well as Master Items in "My Sheets" area in a published app whether from On Prem or Saas.

  • When you publish an app from Qlik Sense SaaS to a Managed Space, the Fields and Master Item can be used when editing in the “My Sheets” area
  • When you publish an app from Qlik Sense Client Managed to a SaaS Managed Space, only the Master Items are available when editing in the “My Sheets” area.
  • The argument that you should always use Master Dimensions falls flat since the fields are offered when amending charts on published apps in "My Sheets" 

Support have advised that I should set this up as an idea as they say it is how it is meant to work because this is the way it now works in Client Managed, the fact that it is not the way it works in SaaS seems to be irrelevant.

It should allow fields to be applied as ad-hoc changes normally apply to fields that have not been set up as 'Master Items' and for ease of use.


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Partner - Contributor III
Partner - Contributor III

it is counter intuitive that the fields are avaialbe through one menu and not another... can this be changed?



Partner Ambassador
Partner Ambassador

This smells like a bug to me, or if being kind, a discrepancy between how the client managed and SaaS systems function. Having the Fields pane available to professional users seems to be a no-brainer, since they can select them from the Expression Editor anyway. Obviously Master Measures are "best" for governed dimensions and measures but having ALL fields is useful for data discovery and more advanced professional users. 

Contributor III
Contributor III

It may be best practice to only allow inexperienced users access to only master fields, but most larger businesses have professional-use analysts who need to access all fields when developing sheets to share with their communities. The fact that this differs between Qlik versions ruins this arguement anyway.

This is a clear oversight by Qlik, which is being somewhat oversold as a "best-practice" issue. As already mentioned by @Carl_Hunter, nor is it a question of security, as users can access these fields in the expression editor anyway!

This basic functionality needs to be reinstated in my opinion. 


Very good observation @AndyTSG  If fields are available in expression editor, why not provide the Fields icon in the left panel like we have for unpublished apps.


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