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X axis setting for fitting chart in the available width


X axis setting for fitting chart in the available width

There should be a single setting on charts, especially line charts, to fit the chart into the width of the chart.

Currently, there is no setting for this and often the chart is too wide forcing the user to use the mini chart and scroll. This really takes away from the usability of these charts. The developer has zero control on this and cannot show the needed data in the size area on the screen. it is truly awful.

This is by far one of the very worst parts about using Qlik as a data visualization platform.

Often - for the exact same data in excel, excel gives a perfect chart, that fits perfectly in whatever size the box it is put into and the X axis scale adjusts itself to show as much as it can in the space available.

In Qlik, the chart is very often way too wide and no force on earth can make it fit in the desired area. Please consider implementing a setting to allow the developer to control this. 

Related to this you could consider making additional settings for the X axis for the Interval between labels, as automatic or allowing the user to specify the interval unit. These 3 things are the type of control that developers need to make good, usable charts with the Qlik Sense product.



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There is an option to set number x-axis items to max in bar chart (June 2019) and the line chart (Feb 2020).



Status changed to: Delivered