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How to Share Files with Qlik Support


How to Share Files with Qlik Support

When transferring or uploading files to Qlik Support, you have a number of options to choose. Note that files are deleted with compliance to GDPR and data privacy laws.


Upload directly to your Support Case

This is our preferred method. Your Support Case allows you to upload an unlimited number of files, each up to 2GB in size.

You have this option directly inside the Support Case and Case Chatter. See Fig 1.

Fig 1Fig 1



If the files are larger than 2GB, or access to the Support Portal file upload is blocked, you can request a OneDrive link from your Support representative. 



(not recommended)

The Qlik The FTP can be accessed by native FTP clients or by a web-based thin client. The server is accessed with generic credentials, but the logged in user can only see files related to the ongoing session. This means that there is no risk that customers or partner can see each other's files.


  • The web client has a maximum file transfer size. The current limit can be seen in the client upload page.
  • Prefix all file names with the support case number to make file linking to the case easier

EU FTP Server Details

Web Client: https://ftpeu.qliktech.com/thinclient
Native Client: ftp://ftpeu.qliktech.com

Username: qtcustup
Password: sendf1les

US FTP Server Details

Web Client: https://ftpus.qliktech.com/thinclient
Native Client: ftp://ftpus.qliktech.com

Username: qtcustup
Password: sendf1les

Upload file(s) via web client

  1. Browse to the preferred Web Client URL
  2. Login with the user credentials matching the server
  3. Click on UPLOAD FILES
  4. Click on Browse... to add a file to the upload batch.
  5. Confirm that there are valid paths specified in the file field(s) for the files you selected to upload
  6. Click UPLOAD to start the data transfer
  7. Wait until the transfer is finished, which can take a while depending on connection speed and file size(s)
  8. "File upload completed successfully" is shown when the transfer is finished
  9. Update the case confirming that you have uploaded files, including the file names

Upload file(s) via native FTP client

  1. Open the FTP client of your choice, such as FileZilla.
  2. Consult the client manual on how to use it
  3. Access QlikView FTP server by using the credentials and details found above
  4. Make sure to enable encryption. If using FileZilla, change Encryption to "Require implicit FTP over TLS" in the site profile
  5. Upload files to FTP
  6. Update the case confirming that you have uploaded files, including the file names

Note: For steps with FileZilla see How To Upload Large Files To Qlik Support With FileZilla

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