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CASE PORTAL: Inability to view all organizations' cases. We are investigating. Thank you for being so patient.
Digital Support
Digital Support

It’s been just over a month since we rolled out our support chatbot! If you look under the hood of our chat feature, you’ll see that the engine is an incredibly smart machine learning program, with our experienced digital support staff as its dedicated mechanics. Your questions are the fuel that drives the engine, so thank you for using chat!

Since our last update, we’ve added 5 new conversation paths covering:

  1. Education & Certification answers to lead you to our training and academic programs
  2. Product & Pricing Answers to help you find product pricing information and get in touch with Sales team.
  3. Additional Customer Service answers regarding account and access issues.


With the Support Case Portal moving October 4, we’ll be parking our chat feature right here in Qlik Community! Just click the blue speaker bubble at the bottom of any Support Page.






Thank you for continuing to engage our chat! The more questions you ask, the more it will be able to drive itself.


Kind Regards,

Qlik Digital Support

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