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The Support Updates blog delivers important and useful Qlik Support information about end-of-product support, new service releases, and general support topics.

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Qlik recognizes that organizations need to provide their data consumers with easy access to trusted, external data in addition to internal information. This drove our decision in 2014 to acquire the company called DataMarket. Qlik DataMarket enabled Qlik customers to easily combine their own data with aggregated, curated and trusted external information on topics such as business demographics, currencies, population, economic indicators, or weather.

In the past few years, as customers have become more sophisticated and knowledgeable in their use of data, we have found that their external data requirements have evolved to become either very simple or very specific. Many customers are now able to source simple external data needs by themselves. And a customer’s specific data requirements can vary widely according to their exact market, industry, geography, or a combination of these factors. 

We have determined that it would be a significant investment to ensure Qlik DataMarket remains a competitive option. Based on Qlik’s overall priorities, we have decided to retire the Qlik DataMarket service. This retirement not only affects licensed Qlik DataMarket customers but also all Qlik Sense customers that have Professional/Analyzer licenses as those users are entitled to use the Qlik Data Market Essentials package.   

The Qlik DataMarket product along with access to all data packages will be retired on June 30, 2021.  Product support will also end on this date. However, effective immediately:

  • There will be no new sales of Qlik DataMarket.
  • All new Qlik Sense Enterprise subscriptions will no longer include the Qlik DataMarket Essentials package license.
  • For Qlik Sense Enterprise renewals:  The Qlik DataMarket Essentials package will no longer be part of the license as of the subscription/maintenance renewal date or July 1, 2021, whichever date is sooner.

Furthermore, customers who want to continue using Qlik DataMarket until the End-of-Life date will need to stop upgrading their installation of Qlik Sense around the end of 2020.  As of the February 2021 release of Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows and the January 2021 release of the cloud editions of Qlik Sense, the product will no longer access Qlik DataMarket.



Where could I download the free excel sheets provided by Qlik DataMarket? I am referring to World population by country and selected development indicators.

Thanks in advance



@Wlad_Masi  I see an error for this in the DevTools when opening the script editor. It is not impacting anything for me, just FYI