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Digital Support

On April 16th2024, Qlik is launching a highly anticipated capability: custom security roles.

What do custom security roles do?

Custom security roles introduce fine control of data export and access permissions within Qlik apps. This allows you to tailor permissions to your specific needs, enhancing data security and compliance.

The first delivery on April 16th includes the capability to control who can export content. Additional capabilities will be added soon after, such as who can create data connections, reports, and similar.

What does this mean for me?

As part of this update, the existing "has restricted view" space role will gain the ability to export data to Excel. This adjustment is in line with Qlik's capacity-based pricing model, ensuring basic users have essential tools.

If you do not wish for users with the "has restricted view" space role to be able to export data, you will need to edit the User Default role to deny download for all users, and then create a custom role that allows if for specific users and groups.


Stay tuned for more information and resources leading up to the April 16th launch. We are excited about these enhancements and the value they will bring to your data management and security efforts within Qlik.

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