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Issues we are Tracking Post Migration

Community Manager
Community Manager

Issues we are Tracking Post Migration

The below tracker does not represent all issues we are currently tracking and/or fixing but reflects those issues where many people may be impacted. Please post a NEW discussion to report an issue, bug, or if you have any questions or concerns.

 Description of ProblemLatest Update
Redirects Redirects seem to not be working and predominately for blogs

Bringing down server to issue fix early morning of Nov 16

Update: November 16 - a fix was issued which resolved redirect issues.

Update: November 27:    the below items are being worked on within IT @ Qlik:

The following redirects remain work in progress:

http://community.qlikview.com   and  


 to be redirected to   https://community.qlik.com/

Google Search Indexing Search not yielding expected resultsUpdate: November 27.  Closed 
Is self correcting over time.  Would appreciate if the community can let us know if you are seeing better results.  
Groups Groups seem to have a few issues.  No ability to publish, no labels (categories) migrated over, one report of a missing group

 Communities Team Researching 

Update: November 27:
Group Admin sticking. Asked a few MVP's to test

Update: November 22
Changing the administrator for a group is not 'sticking'.  
Communities Team researching

Update: November 21
Solved:  Members can now post a question in user groups   

 HTTP 500 error A handful of members are reporting an HTTP 500 error when logging in 

Update: November 27:  any member that reported an issue has been issued a fix and can now log in, a more long term solution remains work in progress with Qlik IT, Lithium & Communities Team.   

Update: November 20 - Qlik & Lithium identified an issue with SSO case sensitivity and are actively working to resolve.

Update: November 16 - Lithium has enabled logging on our community so as to better perform an analysis.  Thank you to those members who were able to recreate the issue and send us some information.  We will stay on top of this. 

 Site is SlowA case has been logged with Lithium.  This is currently under evaluation

Update: November 27: Site Performance remains under evaluation with Qlik Communities Team and Lithium

impact to page load time 8 seconds or greater.  This seems to happen during a specific time window only. Communities Team Researching. 

 Blogsyellow screen appearing for multiple users upon system request to edit blogs.communities team researching
Searcherror being produced when performing a searchNovember 27: *NEW* case being opened with Lithium:
When trying to perform a search some members report the following error message:  An Unexpected Error has occurred. Your request failed. Please contact your system administrator and provide the date and time you received the error and this Exception ID: 7003B58D. Click your browser's Back button to continue.
LikesUnable to give likes with chrome

December 07: 

Not able to add likes in Chrome, able to add likes in IE though. 

Updating locked documentsI'm able to update this locked document.  


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