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    How to read QVD stored on windows share?

    Göran Sander

      There has to be a really simple answer to this... but I just cannot get it to work.


      - I create a QVD on server A, and store it in a folder that is shared as a standard, hidden Windows share.

      - I then want to access (read) that QVD from server B.


      I have tried mapping the share on server B, making available as a local drive (e.g. Z:).

      The error message given by Sense 1.0 is "LOAD statement only works with lib:// paths in this script mode", which doesn't really tell me much. Nothing to be found in Sense help (at least I haven't found anything).


      I've tried using a UNC path in the load statement on server B, i.e. Load <fields> from \\server\share\directory\file.qvd

      No luck.


      What's a lib:// path in this context?

      Any pointers to how this should be done in Sense?