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    Certificate Error



      I'm running a 30-day trial version of Qlik Sense platform. When I access the hub I get a security certificate error:


      Any idea on how to fix it?

      All nodes are installed on same server. Default proxy settings. Same error sign whether I use default or custom virtual proxy. And whether I run in from within the Qlik server or a different server.




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          Alexander Korsikov

          the cause of the error has a self-signed certificate. You need to install a valid certificate from trusted CA or simply to enable and use Http.

          how to enable http

          open QMC -  Proxy - Edit

          tab Ports

          check Allow HTTP option.


          try open link http qlilkserv /hub

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            Jeffrey Goldberg

            The server name in the url you are typing in to access the hub from the server where sense is installed is not the same server name as referenced during the Qlik Sense install.  If you go to MMC and open the certificates snap-in for local computer, you can identify the name of the cert and it likely matches what you need to type in for the server name in the url.

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                Thanks. Let's say QlikSer is my Qlik Server. The certificate's "Issued By" name is "QlikSer.domain.com-CA", and "Issued To" is "QlikSer.domain.com".
                Only when I access the site from within QlikSer and I type "QlikSer.domain.com" in URL bar, would the certificate turn green (good).

                But when I access same "QlikSer.domain.com" from another computer, it is still showing wrong certificate :-/

                BTW, I am trying to access the certificate information by clicking on that red-crossed lock on URL bar. Which MMC.exe are you referring to, is it on the QlikSer.domain.com or on the client side? If on the server side, which folder and certificate should I look into: there is QlikClient, QlikSer.domain.com.