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    Is it possible to grab ONLY the selections bar object in the single configurator ?

    John Ramirez

      Two part question:

      1) I am working on a web mashup for a company. It is coming along great so far. Right now I am using the single config to grab single objects within a bootstrap web framework. However, I would really like to just grab the current selections bar (currsel), so I can embed it in the nav-bar. However, I am having difficulty grabbing ONLY the selections bar with the single config within an iframe. Other objects like graphs, charts, work just fine.


      Does anyone know how I can grab ONLY the selections bar, so I can embed it in my navbar?


      2) I also embedded objects using IDs, and the jquery files posted on branch. However, I found the functionality of these embedded objects to be lackluster.


      Does embedding using IDs, and jquery make single sense objects static?


      Thank you in advance!