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    Filter Data by recipient Nprinting

      Hi everyone,

      i'm new to Nprinting and trying send weekly reports to Sales managers.

      Each sales manager has number of clients.

      I would like to send to each sales manager only reports of his clients, and to each client different report (it's an HTML report).


      so for example Bill is managing client A, and C and Steve has client D and E.

      Bill will receive 3 different reports - one for client A, one for B and one for C,

      and Steve will receive D and E.


      what I did was to create cycle field based on Client ID (different report to each client)

      and I imported recipient emails and filters through qlikview module. the filter is by sales manager name so for example Bill's filter is Sales_Manager={Bill}.


      I run the task and put only Bill in the recipients to test it and it created reports to all clients, not only Bill's.