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    Master Calendar Issue - how to include quarter-year

    Marco Arruda

      Hello to all,


      I want to develop a quarter rolling chart.

      I already have a QuarterID field in my master calendar, which gives me a way to perform the set analysis for the chart.


      Below, my master calendar:


      Quarter-Year_Master Calendar_Community Question-1.PNG


      The problem is that I don't have a field to use such as a 'Quarter-Year' to use as my dimension for the chart.


      Using the field QuarterID as a dimension, I have the information I need, but not in a 'friendly user way'.


      Quarter-Year_Master Calendar_Community Question-2.PNG


      Quarter-Year_Master Calendar_Community Question-3.PNG


      I need a field that says 'Q4-2015' in the place of '12' in the chart above.

      How can I create a field like this in my master calendar?


      Thanks for your support!!