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    NPrinting Chart Background Transparency

    Andrew Lindquist



      I'm using NPrinting PixelPerfect reports to create JPGs of my QlikView charts. I'm dragging in an image of the charts to the PixelPerfect report template and using the output format of JPG in the task settings. In order to get one of my charts to work as intended in QlikView, I had to create one combo chart, then overlay a second combo chart with a transparent background. When I do this, it works perfectly in QlikView. However when I put both charts in the PixelPerfect report template and try running it, the second chart loses it's transparent background and the JPG file just comes through with a white background, covering up the first chart behind it. I checked the properties of the chart with the transparent background, and in the Appearance section, Background Color is set to Transparent. Is there another setting I need to change, or is this functionality not possible in NPrinting?