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    How to establish a secure web socket connection (wss://) using Qlik Engine API ?

    Ismail Baygin

      Hi everybody,


      I have found a nice article describing how to consume Qlik Engine API by making use of Web Sockets.



      This example is using Qlik Sense Dekstop so that it doesn't have to worry about authentication because in Desktop basically there is only one user that can use the API.

      But how about using Qlik Sense Server's web socket layer? It sounds to me that we need to use wss:// and some sort of certificates for making API calls but couldn't find a way.

      All I want to do is to authenticate a user first somehow in a custom client application (using ticketing or etc.) and then use this very same user to fetch Qlik App Data (based on the security level it has) to be used in this application.