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    can't stop Qlik Sense Engine Service

    Alexander Korsikov

      After upgrading to 2.2.4 server encountered a problem. I can not stop the service Qlik Engine.

      My server has 16Gb ram and Qlik Sense Engine service consumes 90% of RAM.

      Try stop this service for cleanup cache and backup files.

      And service stiks as "Stoppping"  and wait 20 min. Then service killed.


      INFO20160516T232003.974+030077327140Spawning KillerThread
      INFO20160516T232003.974+030077327208ServerExit entered
      INFO20160516T232003.974+030077327208Kill child processes still running
      INFO20160516T232003.974+030077327208Calling pListener->StopListening
      INFO20160516T232003.974+030077327208Calling pPurger->Close
      INFO20160516T234022.102+030077327140Termination not completed within 20 min. Quitting!
      INFO20160516T234022.102+030077327140Terminating service


      How can I speed up the shutdown of service and that the service could be shut down cleanly