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    Nprinting 17.1 - View Task Progress

    Aadil Madarveet



      I have created connections and report in the new 17.1 version. I have created a publish task, When i run the publish task it shows a message saying the task has been scheduled to run.


      The task with id '53049859-ff42-4ea2-ba5c-03bbe6f82c47' was successfully scheduled for execution.

      Where as i am clicking on RUN NOW.

      The problem is, it does not show anywhere as to what happened when i clicked on RUN NOW. did it start, did it fail to start, is there any issue in starting the task, i cant seem to get any clue about it.

      I have checked the engine and scheduler logs, they also dont show anything. Any clue on how to monitor the progress.

      Nprinting 16 use to show each step of the action that is being performed, like Opened QVW, Applied selections, applied filter, did reduction.. etc.. etc...  This one does not seem to provide any such info to monitor.

      Is there any log that i have not checked or is there any setting that i should enable.

      The log level i have changed to DEBUG as per the help documentation. Still dont see any loggin activity regarding task execution in the log file.

      Please help, if i am missing something here, which is very obvious otherwise.