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    Definition of ObjectType used in Security rules

    Christophe Decluseau

      Hi all !


      I play with Security rules since a couple of days and many grey areas remains. I hope that someone can help me .


      The CreateAppObjectsPublishedApp security rules alow the creation ob many object type like sheet, bookmark or storytelling. I try to find a descritption of all (at least of a part) ObjectType we can use in a security rules. Without success now. Some seems clear (sheet, story, bookmark, ...). But I don't understand what is "hiddenbookmark" or "userstate". And is there another ObjectType ?


      The goal is to manage some of them separately, that's why I'm seeking a description.


      Today I try some example but I think I have a real bug (Issue with security rules and create option for published app).


      Thansk for your help !