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    Qliksense AD LDS User not synced

    Patric Amatulli

      Hi all,


      we are tryiing to setup a demo Qliksense environment by installing the September 2017 version with AD LDS (Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services). All seems to work out correctly until we try to sync the users from the directory.

      Only groups seems to be synced.


      Following message appears in the UserManagement_Repository .log file:

      • database done with 0 users and 3 groups in user directory (CN=USER, 94a8f20c-cbd6-4f46-83d4-1f9dc1fb4227) 9fe68b7a-10b9-4e72-bc2c-db035ab10926


      Here the ADSI configuration:




      Qliksense UDC Configuration:






      Somebody able to support us?