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    difference in months

    Beck Bakytbek

      Hi Folks,


      i have a following case, i have 2 Fields: From Date and To Date,


      case 1:

      From_Date          To_Date

      21.03.2015          25.03.2015


      if i use this procedure :


      Date(Date#(From_Date, 'DD.MM.YYYY'))as From_Date,

      Date(Date#(To_Date, 'DD.MM.YYYY'))as To_Date,

      Num(To_Date) - Num (From_Date), so i can calcualte the Difference in Days, and it does work great


      Problem Case:

      From_Date          To_Date

      06.10.2017          06.05.2019 > How can i calculate in this case  the Difference in months


      Thanks a lot for any feedback and help