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    Publish Nprinting sheets to the hub

    liesbeth tillemans

      He Guys,


      I rather new to Nprinting and im struggling to make sense out of it. Im working with

      Qlik NPrinting November 2017 Version: 17.6.0000.0


      I created a report but it won't published to the Hb, The task execution is 100%. I followed the video tutorial on Youtube, regarding publishing to the Hub. I checked if there was a Hub destination, if the user has access to the Sense Hub and if the domain was mentioned in the user profile of NPrinting. The reports are shown in the newsstand section, but not in de the Hub. 


      I looked at this postFail to distribute report to hub through NPrinting

      Checked out this page https://help.qlik.com/en-US/nprinting/17.2/Content/AdministeringQVNprinting/SetHubDestination/Hub-destination.htm


      Still have not figured out why I cannot publish to the Sense Hub.So what am I doing wrong?

      Hope somebody has an answer for me.


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          Balakrishnan V

          Hello liesbeth,


          Greetings! I believe that their seems to be that the appropriate Central node address (Full computer name of the Qlik Sense server machine) is not provided to Qlik NPrinting?


          What is the error that you are getting?


          Thank You


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            Ruggero Piccoli



            Be sure that you filled all the needed requirements. If you did, please give a check at the Qlik NPrinting logs at the same moment you get the error to see if there are detailed information that can help you.



            Best Regards,



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