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    Shared Server Bookmarks - disabled

      The option to "Share Bookmark with Other Users" is disabled/dimmed (for both IE plug-in and the Ajax client).  I'm working to resolve why this option is not available for selection.  I'm able to create a Server bookmark, but just cannot share it.



      This is a QlikView Server, version 10 sp2.

      Console option to "Allow server objects" is enabled, but "Allow anonymous server bookmarks" disalbed (all users are authenticated on the domain).

      Document property option to "Allow server bookmarks" is enabled.


      Any ideas on why the option to Share Bookmark is not available?

        • Shared Server Bookmarks - disabled

          This is resolved.


          I found that in order for the Share option to be available, I must enable the Document option to "Allow Server Objects" (in addition to the already enabled option to "Allow Server Bookmarks").


          Note that according to the reference manual, the option for Server Objects should goven only sheet objects (which makes sense).  But in our installation, this had to be enabled else the server bookmarks could not be shared.


          From the Reference Manual for "Allow Server Objects"

          This check box must be enabled, if remote clients are to be allowed to create and share sheet objects with this document on the QlikView Server.

          • Re: Shared Server Bookmarks - disabled

            Hi Donald,


            Whatever changes that you mentioned they are not helping me enable "Share Bookmark with Other Users" check box.


            If there any other way to turn on bookmark sharing and session collaboration for a particular dashboard.