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    Rene McGregor

      So, I've started playing around with the Ajax Repository in QV11 SR1 and find its great for users to create their own dashboards.  I see the intention of users copying an existing object and dragging the Dimensions they want, but I can't seem to get the Expression dragging correct?  Is there a specific condition that needs to be applied before this works or is this a bug?

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          Rene McGregor

          Ok, I answered my own question...you can only drag the expression once you go into the Properties of the object.


          So the Expression and Dimension drag work differently in the fact that you can simply drag the dimension to the object and a pop up dialog appears confirming whether you want to add/change the dimension, while the Expression drag only works when you go into the Properties of the object.!!! Wish I had the best of both worlds but I can understand why we would need confirmation on the Expression as it isnt intinctive as to which expression to change??