There are a lot of people that use Wordpress as their company's portal. If you are one of these people then, you may find this plugin very useful. You can create a mashup from within wordpress, using the Capabilities API, without writing a single line of code. Just add the settings with the host and the App ID, then the shortcode for the objects that you want and you are done.

Here, I will show you how to do that.


  1. First go to your wp admin panel, under "Plugins" click on "Add New" and then search for "Qlik"
  2. Click on "Install Now" and then on "Activate"
  3. This will create a "Qlik Sense" settings page, just open that
  4. Settings.png
  5. Here you need to define your host, the Virtual Proxy (prefix) and the App Id, as you would in a regular mashup. If you are planning on using a second app, then add the second app id in "App2 ID".
  6. Save changes.
  7. Then add the shortcode into your posts "[qlik-sense-object id="page1-obj2" qvid="nvqpV" height="400" app2="true"]"

- id: is the unique div id. This is needed especially when you want to display the same object in 2 different instances

- qvid: Is the object id as found in the "dev-hub/single-configurator"
- height: The height of the visualization in pixels
- nointeraction: Add this if you want to disable interactions. If you want the objects to have interaction, you can just omit this.

- app2: Add this if your object is coming from the second app that you have specified in the settings




  • I have added few objects with a specific height in a bootstrap template for better layout. Now, lets preview the page

Make sure you whitelist your url in the virtual proxy.


If you use it and like it, please give it a 5 star in Wordpress.


This is it!



In Portuguese: Qlik Sense Plugin para Wordpress by cleveranjos. Thank you Clever!

GitHub - yianni-ververis/qlik-sense-wordpress-plugin: A Wordpress plugin to create a Qlik Sense Mashup

Qlik Branch