Qlik Sense Platform - Securing and Sharing Data Connections

    This video will show you how to use the Qlik Management console and its security rules capability to secure your Qlik Sense data connections as well as make them available (reusable / shared) to a particular group of users.


    In this video you will learn how to:


    • Disable the ability to create connections
    • Create a new security rule to allow only RootAdmin and ContenAdmin roles to create connections
    • Secure data connections using an Active Directory group attribute with a Data Connection system rule
    • Create a new global security rule to allow specific data connection access to a particular group


    Note: It may be necessary to view this video from the YouTube site, in order to access the full screen and resolution controls. Simply click the YouTube logo found in the bottom right of the player. Controls in the embedded player vary per browser.


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