The second dimension... or how to use secondarydimensionality()


    Firstly I would like to say that probably it would be easier to call this function Horizontal Dimensionality (or HDim or even SecDim)

    This could clear some clouds - when you first see this function you may feel that this another level for dimensionality function.

    (for those who wants to know more about the dimensionality function please see this document

    How to use - Dimensionality()

    What it is used for?

    Returns the number of dimension pivot table rows that have non-aggregation content. i.e. do not contain partial sums or collapsed aggregates. This function is the equivalent of the dimensionality function for horizontal pivot table dimensions.

    The secondarydimensionality() function always returns 0 when used outside of pivot tables.


    What does it mean?

    Where dimensionality shows number of vertical dimensions, secondarydimensionality shows  number of horizontal dimensions.


    Lets take our sample data.



    We have four dimensions(columns):


    Product,Category,Type and Sales.

    Each Product have 2 Categories

    Each Category can have up to 3 Types


    Let's create Pivot Table using 3 of those Dimension Product,Category and Type and use  Sales as our Expression.



    This Pivot Table  has 3 dimensions so its maximum dimensionality is 3.

    'Sugar' has dimensionality of 1 which is Total for that 'Product'.

    'Salt' has dimensionality of 2 which is Total for each 'Category' of that 'Product'.

    'Oil' has dimensionality of 3 which is single value for each 'Type' of the 'Product's' 'Category'

    So in few words : secondarydimensionality (and dimensionality) is the number of dimensions used in a Table

    For better understating please see  table below:

    The function is used to show on which dimensionality level each of the Pivot Table row is:



    Practical use:


    1) To show the level of dimensionality:






    2) Highlight background of rows which on each level  fall into certain condition:




    if(Dimensionality()=1 and sum(Sales)<150,RGB(151,255,255),if(Dimensionality()=2 and sum(Sales)<=20,RGB(0,238,0),if(Dimensionality()=3 and Sum(Sales)<=20,RGB(255,130,171))))

    LEVEL 1 --> Values <35LEVEL 2 --> Values <=15LEVEL 3 --> Values <=20


    Remember ligtbulb.jpg

    • To use the script below the Excel file must be saved in the same folder that your qvd file

            Otherwise you will need to make changes the this path - secondarydimensionality.xlsx


    LOAD Product,






    (ooxml, embedded labels, table is Sheet1);



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