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      This function belongs to two groups Chart Inter Record Functions

      and Inter-Record functions.


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    Returns the position of the field value value in the field fieldname (by load order). If value cannot be found among the field values of the field fieldname, 0 is returned. Fieldname must be given as a string value, e.g. the field name must be enclosed by single quotes.


    Data Model
    (Copy and paste below code into the edit script window and reload)

    LOAD * inline [

    Color,John Doe


    Now create a straight table and  remember to sort dimension and expression by load order

    Returns position from value specified by second criteria (value)

    • Returns positions of value being searched.
    • field_name must be given as a string value (enclosed with single quotes ('))
    • If value does not exist within column, 0 is returned



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    field_name - the name of your field/column

    value - the value for which you want to know the position



    fieldIndex( 'Name', 'John Doe' )

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    They said there is no lookup in Qlik front end?

    Think again ...


    =FieldValue('Helptext',FieldIndex('Name', 'John Doe'))


    by wrapping FieldIndex with FieldValue we can return the unknown value of the 'HelpText' column that corresponds with the given value 'John Doe' of the Name column.

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