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Hello Qlik Community,

With June, we kicked off the Summer season and closed out the first half of 2019. The Community team made quite a few updates to the user interface, automated some processes, and made performance enhancements as well. Let's take a look at some of the highlights.


1. Automated Welcome Email for New Members

Welcome Email Links.png

New community members will now automatically receive a welcome email from the Qlik Community team two days after joining. The welcome email provides links to getting started resources and places of interest in the Community to help new members get up to speed quickly and find what's most relevant to them.


2. New Notification Settings

New Notification Settings.png

Four new notification settings make it easy to control whether or not you receive different types of notifications. If you turn any these notifications off, you will still get notifications in your community notification feed, which you can access through the bell icon in the page header.

Notification Icon.png


 3. Added Social Icons to Events & Webinars Cards

Webinar Share Icons.png

The Events & Webinars page showcases upcoming events and webinars you can register in advance for, as well as listing webinars available to watch on demand, anytime. We've added social sharing icons to each event card, making it easy for you to invite a friend or share events of interest with your network.



4. Meetups Page Now Updates Automatically

Meetups Page.png

The Meetups page displays the upcoming Meetups being held around the world. This page now displays the upcoming events automatically, so it is always up to date.


5. New Groups Tab for Leader Groups

Leader Groups.png

On the Groups page, we've created a new tab for Leader Groups. These are private, invitation only groups for members of each program. We've moved Qlik Community MVPs and Qlik Luminaries groups from the Topic Groups tab to the Leader Groups tab, and added a new group for Qlik Meetup Captains.


6. Added Sort By Filter to Blogs

Blog Sort By.png

The Sort By Filter is now available on each blog, allowing you to sort blog posts by Most Popular, Most Viewed, Original Post Date, or Latest Reply, just like you can in other areas of the community.


7. Updated Labels in Community Corner

Community Corner Labels.png

We've updated the labels on posts in the Community Corner in order to better categorize content. In many cases, the labels used were converted to tags, and new labels applied. Labels work best when few are used as a general classification, and then more tags are used for detailed classification.


8. Performance Improvements

Firefox Page Slow Small.png

We also made some performance enhancements and resolved an issue that was causing Firefox browsers to load slowly.


Thanks for reading, and thanks for being a member of the Qlik Community.

Let us know in the comments below which of these updates are most important to you.



Jeremy and the Qlik Community Team