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Hello Qlik Community Members,

It’s mid-year already and Qlik Community has been really active with lots of great discussions and content.

We wanted to take a minute and thank our 2016 MVP members for all of their contributions. All of our 2015 members have opted to say in the program and we have added 10 additional members.

All of our MVP’s are top contributors and great assets to the community.They are the folks who always go the extra mile to help other members, give detailed responses to questions, upload examples and help set the tone in Qlik Community as a place to go for help and collaboration.

We thought it would be nice to share more details about each of our MVP members such as their first Qlik app, years working with Qlik products, country of residence and perspective on collaboration in Qlik Community.

We hope you enjoy this year’s Qlik MVP Member Trading Cards. Please take a minute to learn about each of our MVP’s and even follow some of them and their content.

Click on an MVP name to visit their Qlik Community Profile or on their MVP Trading card to see more details on their contributions.


2016 New Members
Mayil Vahanan RamasamyCommunity-MVP-2016_Cards-Stacked_r3.jpgAlessandro SacconeCommunity-MVP-2016_Cards-Stacked_r32.jpgNicole SmithCommunity-MVP-2016_Cards-Stacked_r33.jpg

Stefan Wuhl


Robert MikaCommunity-MVP-2016_Cards-Stacked_r35.jpg

Ruben MarinCommunity-MVP-2016_Cards-Stacked_r36.jpg
John WitherspoonCommunity-MVP-2016_Cards-Stacked_r37.jpgSunny TalwarCommunity-MVP-2016_Cards-Stacked_r38.jpgMohammed Ashfaq Ali Community-MVP-2016_Cards-Stacked_r39.jpg
Kaushik Narendra SolankiCommunity-MVP-2016_Cards-Stacked_r326.jpg
2015 Alumni Members
Gysbert WassenaarCommunity-MVP-2016_Cards-Stacked_r311.jpgMarcus SommerCommunity-MVP-2016_Cards-Stacked_r312.jpgBill MarkhamCommunity-MVP-2016_Cards-Stacked_r313.jpg
Marco WedelCommunity-MVP-2016_Cards-Stacked_r314.jpgPeter CammaertCommunity-MVP-2016_Cards-Stacked_r315.jpgManish KachhiaCommunity-MVP-2016_Cards-Stacked_r320.jpg
Clever AnjosCommunity-MVP-2016_Cards-Stacked_r317.jpgSteve DarkCommunity-MVP-2016_Cards-Stacked_r316.jpgCelambarasan AdhimulamCommunity-MVP-2016_Cards-Stacked_r321.jpg
Massimo GrossiCommunity-MVP-2016_Cards-Stacked_r318.jpgRob WunderlichCommunity-MVP-2016_Cards-Stacked_r319.jpgJagan MohanCommunity-MVP-2016_Cards-Stacked_r322.jpg
Jonathan DienstCommunity-MVP-2016_Cards-Stacked_r323.jpgYuri NicolettCommunity-MVP-2016_Cards-Stacked_r310.jpgOleg TroyanskyCommunity-MVP-2016_Cards-Stacked_r325.jpg
Ralf BecherCommunity-MVP-2016_Cards-Stacked_r324.jpg

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