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Contributor III
Contributor III

Give QlikSense access to mobile users


Could somebody guide me on giving qliksense access to mobile users ?

We have tried setting up a reverse proxy - Windows 2012 R2 Application Proxy

Server tried to redirect to the internal address & authentication port but failed.

Is there a guide for what we need to do ?

Sense hub works fine on <servername>/hub while on the network but would like to give mobile access to some users

Do we need to set up IIS on the same machine ?

I have tried forum links and the deployment guides but there is no straightforward instruction on what we need to do.

Our users have Windows Lumia phones running IE


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What does your architecture look like?  Is the Qlik Sense server not exposed to the Internet?  Is that why you are using the reverse proxy? 

How do you want to deploy Qlik Sense to mobile?  Is it through a portal, directly to hub, or in a mashup of some sort?

In a base deployment for any device, IIS is not required.  Another webserver is usually in play if you have a host application or the Qlik Sense server is going to live somewhere in the architecture that is not Internet accessible.

Contributor III
Contributor III

server 2012 r2 - is not exposed to the internet. Would like to give access directly to the hub.

Was pointed towards reverse proxy but not sure how exactly we need to configure it

So we need another webserver ? Can this sit on the Sense server ?

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If the Qlik Sense server is not exposed to the Internet, is there a reason why you want to add IIS to a server that is not exposed to the Internet?

You don't have to set up a reverse proxy per se.  You have some options.

1. Expose the Qlik Sense server to the Internet

2. Go multi-node with Qlik Sense.  Keep your central node off the Internet, and install a proxy rim node with access to the Internet.  Then you can use the central proxy certificate to establish a connection between the central node and the proxy rim node which is Internet facing.

Here is a link to a diagram:

Now the diagram above has the nodes split out further than you may require, but illustrates what is possible plus drives you to additional documentation to help you with your deployment.

Creator II
Creator II

I am also facing a similar issue. We have set a reverse proxy sometime ago and was working fine. Now from past few months it is not working. The network team says the reverse proxy link is working fine. 

We now need some different way which can be set up for QS mobile , without using a reverse proxy. QS in hub works fine in laptop with internet and vpn. Since we dont have a vpn in mobile how can we make this work.