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Creator II
Creator II

"Requested access type: 'UserAccessType, LoginAccessType', OperationType: 'UsageDenied'" errors

Good Morning

I've a QS server rebuilt from scratch with February2020 Patch 4 release.

Looking at Log Monitor app I'm getting lot of errors like this: "Access was denied for User: 'zzz\yyyadmin', SessionId: '5021f195-acfb-4c6d-9685-839ce4adb841', Hostname: '::1', Requested access types: 'UserAccessType, LoginAccessType', OperationType: 'UsageDenied'", although system is up and running well, with no malfunctions of any kind.

User zzz\yyyadmin is the local admin account, used by QS services (except QS Repository Database, which runs with LocalSystem account).

I was guessing I've to grant some privilege to that user in PostgreSQL, but I'm not sure. 

Any suggestion?

Thanks in advance.



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Partner - Specialist II
Partner - Specialist II

Good morning,

I think this is the issue explained in this post by Levi.
So something only partially related to your local user qsenseadmin.

I hope this helps,

Creator II
Creator II

He says "It can be ignored"... And probably I'll follow this advice, since no other suggested solution works and I have wasted too much time on this.


Partner - Creator II
Partner - Creator II

Hello @paolo_mapelli 

I face the same ERRORs at the moment. 

Do you still 'ignore' them or have you found a solution?


Thank you.
Regards, Patrick