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Have you ever wished the QlikView list box used a logical AND instead of a logical OR when you made selections?  Well, AND-Mode is a hidden QlikView gem that allows a list box to be changed from the default logical OR to a logical AND.  By default, if one or more items are selected from a list box, the other fields will display data that is associated with any of the selections.  When using AND-Mode, the other fields will display data associated with all the selections.

In order to add AND-Mode functionality to your QlikView application, you need to:

  • First, include a table in the data model that stores the field that will be used in the AND-Mode list box.  The records in this table must be distinct and the table can only have two fields, one of which is a key field and the other which is the field used in the AND-Mode list box.  Here is an example of what this data model may look like:

data model 2.png

  • Second, in the user interface, add a list box and check the And mode checkbox on the General tab of the Properties window to enable the AND-Mode functionality.

List box properties.png

Now the list box will use AND logic versus OR logic.  In the screenshot below, I can use the AND-Mode list box to view customers who purchased both Bologna and Cheese.  Notice the amperstand (&) in front of the selected values indicating that we are using AND-Mode.


You can go one step further with the AND-Mode functionality and make NOT selections.  For instance, I can see which customers purchased Bologna and Cheese and not Sliced Bread by also selecting Sliced Bread from the AND-Mode list box.  To make a NOT selection, you need to click and hold the selection a moment until it turns red as seen in the image below.


Now I can see customers who purchased Bologna and Cheese but did not purchase Sliced Bread.  AND-Mode is quite powerful and can be added to any list box as long as the data model criteria are met. 

Check out this technical brief for step-by-step details of how to implement AND-Mode functionality into your QlikView application.