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A few months ago, I blogged about KPI color and Map label enhancements that are available in Qlik Sense SaaS. Today, I will add to the list of visualization enhancements and discuss the bar chart. The bar chart now has additional styling options that allow the developer to style the title, subtitle, and footnote as well as the bars. Below is a horizontal bar chart with the default styling and bars that are colored based on the sales value.



In the bar chart properties window under Presentation, the Styling section can be expanded to view the properties that can be changed.


On the General tab, the font family and font size of the title, subtitle, and footnote can be changed. Developers can also make the text bold, italic or underlined. There is a “reset all” option to undo all changes made and return to the defaults or individual text (title, subtitle or footnote) can be reset. This is nice if you would like to play with various settings to see how it will look and opt to return to the default.


On the Chart tab, there are styling options for the bars. Developers can add an outline – small, medium, or large – and they can adjust the width of the bars. Like the General tab, there are reset options on this tab as well.


Below is the same bar chart with styling changes. The font family was changed to Tahoma for the title, subtitle and footnote and the color of the title was changed to a reddish color. On the Charts tab, the width of the bars was increased, and a small outline was added to the bars. When making these styling changes, keep in mind that the data is the most important part of the visualization, and you want that to stand out and not be overshadowed by distracting color titles, subtitles, or footnotes.



The new bar chart styling options gives developers more ways to customize their visualizations. Check out the styling properties the next time you are building an app. You can also learn more about the bar chart properties in Qlik Help