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The Picasso.js is an open-source initiative by Qlik. It's a charting library that is designed for building custom, interactive, component-based powerful visualizations.


Until recently, the power of Picasso.js was only reserved for developers. A few weeks ago, our colleague Steven Pressland introduced the beta version of the Picasso Designer Extension, a game changer that takes Picasso.js to the masses making it available for everyone in Qlik Sense.

Picasso Designer for Qlik Sense is an extension to aid building complex charts based on the Picasso.js library without having to write any code or understand the Picasso JSON structure. The extension also provides support for selections against the chart for the expected user experience in Qlik Sense.


Picasso Designer for Qlik Sense.png


For a regular Qlik Sense user, Picasso Designer might be just too much as it comes with an insane amount of options and details, but for those of us who need to customize the charts, the Picasso Designer extension is a great resource and a very interesting step forward.


Check the following video tutorial on what is and how to use Picasso Designer Extension for Qlik Sense:



Alternatively you can watch the video here: Introducing Picasso Designer for Qlik Sense - YouTube




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