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Unlock the power of data with our new, redesigned Pivot Table available in the Visualization Bundle.

The New Pivot Table can quickly transform rows and columns into actionable insights with just a few clicks. You can organize, analyze, and visualize your data and even style various elements such as headers, borders, fonts, grid lines and more. Say goodbye to manual calculations and hello to dynamic summaries. Pivot Tables,. simplify complexity, reveal patterns, and take control of your information.

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Qlik Help: Pivot Object

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This is several years overdue, but I am super glad to see it. We're still not 100% of the way there on pivot tables - important things like formatted export to XLSX and QV-style expand and collapse (to a specific level, set a default expand/collapse level, etc) are still not here - but it looks like we've gone from "You can't really have a working pivot table in Qlik Sense" to having something that designers and developers can use for their apps.

Two big questions:

1) Is this due in Enterprise in February 2024?

2) Are there plans to have Alternatives for the Pivot Table object, similar to the ones in the Straight Table? That would be a huge step forward from the basic version (and would also solve the issue of reordering columns, which seems to be missing at the moment), and is something I'd hope is on the to-do list given Qlik's nature as a self-service friendly platform.

Partner - Contributor III
Partner - Contributor III

I think I saw a comment on LinkedIn that the ability for the user to change the dimensions dynamically (like in the current pivot table or better) is coming...can anyone comment on this? Also, is the sorting functionality fully implemented, or will enhancements be coming on this as well?

Specialist III
Specialist III

Where's the hide (show column if) column for measures

Its there for fields but not measures. Is this an oversight or will it be added later. 







Specialist III
Specialist III

Some other issues

  • No number formatting. I have to use master measures
  • Color options for a measure column often don't work
  • Sheet often doesn't show after selections are made. I need to do a refresh

Really just too many issues. Shame as I really want to start converting tables. Straight as well as some pivot  

Edit. And its not set-up for subscription reporting 



Specialist III
Specialist III

This new table could be brilliant. But at this point I will stick with the original Pivot & orginal straight tables. Often (or sometimes) using the pivot and removing the titles (why hasn't this feature been build into the original Pivot)

Possibe improvements

  • The tick or cross option should be above the relevant column (like the straight table)
  • Measure columns should be sortable like the orginal straight table. That is by clicking on the title. Definitely not like the new straight table.
  • The column order should be changeable. Ideally like the orginal straight table. But if like the new straight table it needs to work (unlike the new straight table).

Other issues I've found in the limited time I have used it

  • Sort by expression often doesn't work. It gives the option 'Inherit by Dimension'? I'm in a dimension and want to sort by an expression (Im also using the hide dimensions feature) .
  • If I have more than a very small number of column the last column doesn't format correctly. I had to add a blank column at the end. Or reduce the number of column (split the table) by using the brillaint new container object (why the big difference in standards. One is brilliant and the new tables missing obvious features. And lots of issues?)
  • Border line are sometimes not correct. Especially if there are more than  limited number of columns


Contributor III
Contributor III


Great feature! When will the new Pivot table be available for Sense Enterprise?




Partner - Champion
Partner - Champion

I guess it's not possible to change the dimensions order (with drag and drop) in UI.
This functionality is needed.
I really hope it will be implemented asap.
Best Regards


I do mostly like the new pivot table. There are some drawbacks many of which have been mentioned, but here are a couple others that I've noticed:

  • There is no option for 'Row hover' in chart styling. 
    • Really like this feature in other tables, not sure why it's not available here.
  • Measures don't have a 'Number formatting' option forcing either a master measure to be used or wrapping the expression in formatting.
    • Not a big deal, just not sure why it's not an option like other tables.
  • When attempting to export as PDF, the pivot tables are not displayed, see image below.
    • This is a problem as it makes subscribing to the sheet useless. 

pivot issue.png



Contributor II
Contributor II

I would echo the issues others have raised as well as a major issue with the exportData API for this object. When exporting data via the exportData API, the result is a straight table as opposed to the typical pivot table result with merged cells in Excel. 


@Michael_Tarallo , any update on being able to see the pivot tables when downloading as a PDF / subscribing to the sheet?