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Who can forget when Steve Ballmer went a little bit crazy on stage and showed his appreciation for developers.
We also try to show our appreciation, although perhaps not as flamboyantly.

Qlik Community is an amazing resource where QlikView and Qlik Sense users and developers come together to share ideas and apps, help each other and form relationships. It is not only amazing but also one of the most active product communities on the web!

This fall we also launched Qlik Branch, a meeting place for the developers that extend and customize our products. Branch aims to bring together those people that program against our APIs and the projects they are working on. Developers can share code, collaborate on projects and publish solutions to the repository.

Qlik Branch is strictly open source only, meaning that any project you find on the site will be free to use and you are free to contribute to the code as you please.

Don’t know how to code? Don’t fret; Branch is also a repository for solutions that you as a user or developer can leverage free of charge, just go ahead and download them and plug them in!

We believe… No, we know, that by giving our community the tools, support, and areas for collaboration you will create amazing things we could never have dreamed off.

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to Branch and check it out!

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