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One of the common business requirements when analyzing the data is limiting the dimension values on a chart. For instance, limiting the chart to the top 10 sales people, or showing only the products that make up 80% of sales. QlikView 11 dimension limits functionality enables the business users to easily create these logics on the charts.

Dimension Limit.PNG

This functionality provides consistency across QlikView charts and more importantly better performance. Prior to QlikView 11, some charts in QlikView could display totals at the expression level, some can limit the number of dimension values to display and some can display an ‘OTHERS’ dimension value to catch those values omitted by the limits. With QlikView 11 dimension limits feature, these functionalities are consistent across chart types. Also, the conditions that are used on the dimension limits are calculated at the engine level, providing better performance and calculation time.

The functionality offers four main options:

  • Limits: This option restricts the dimension values displayed on a chart based on flexible criteria. The criteria are evaluated with the first expression of the chart. It is possible to restrict the dimension values by the largest, smallest, first, greater than or less than an exact value or relative the total.
  • Global Grouping Mode:  With this option, it is possible to treat the dimension values as either ‘local’ to the current upper dimension level in the chart, or ‘global’ to be evaluated across all instance of the upper level dimensions. This option is only applicable to the second or lower level dimensions on a chart.
  • Show Total: This option enables the display of subtotals at the dimension levels.
  • Show Others: This option displays an ‘OTHERS’ dimension value to catch those values omitted by the limits.

Each option has a separate set of applications and can be used in different permutations.   

QlikView 11 dimension limits functionality makes it easier for the business users to customize the QlikView apps based on their own analysis needs with just a few clicks!

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