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In my continuing effort to highlight our valuable Qlik Community members, our partner network and their awesome solutions - I have the pleasure of introducing you to a brand new capability available within the Write! extension by Inform.

Section Access Management with Write!

Managing Section Access (Dynamic Data Reduction) in Qlik requires some manual effort via Qlik scripting within a Qlik Sense app. The overall concept can involve the use of inline tables to maintain the security, user data or externally defined security tables which can be accessed by various data connectors.  Once implemented, section access requires that you reload the app as necessary.

Inform's extension, Write! (, now has an application directly in Qlik Sense that allows you to define, simulate and deploy your section access rules visually, with just a few clicks. You can create new Section Access rules, manage existing rules, deactivate invalid ones, automatically deploy them to an app - increasing speed and efficiency when managing Section Access on Qlik Sense apps. 

Watch this brief video created by Thomas Gorr, Product Manager of Write! at Inform to learn more and see it in action:

For more information on this new capability please reach out to the Inform team

Thank you Thomas for your contribution.

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Senior Product Marketing Manager