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Specialist III
Specialist III

Goal Achieved for Hr department:

  • Employee Data
  • Compiling Salary Information
  • Employee Performance
  • Details on any disciplinary action taken against an employee
  • Smooth Reporting experience across dashboard

Use Case:

Target Area :

  • Display’s important HR metrics using interactive visualizations.
  • It helps the HR department to improve recruiting processes, optimize the workplace management as well as to review the overall employee performance as per manager’s rating.

Requirement :

  • Dashboard should be representation of key measures of human resource
  • Employee achievements
  • Productivity and other factors important to the organization
  • Factors measured include hiring, performance management and employee attrition report

Solution & Benefits :

  • In this dashboard we have showcased a basic dashboard with all employee details form their joining to performance/rating.
  • HR Admin can add Employee who have applied for separation & can also retain the employee
  • Custom extension is used to make the reports
  • MIS report
  • Performance / Rating report
  • Input Form for adding data to database

Key KPI:

  • Joinee/Separation Report
  • Performance Report
  • Employee Salary
  • Employee Outgo

Highlight of this Application:

  • Table/Report Extension
  • Variance Bar Chart Extension
  • Breadcrumb Extension
  • Circular Gauge Extension
  • Oval KPI Extension
  • Image Color Fill Extension
  • Custom Theme developed for this Application
  • AdHoc report made using show/hide option in table object