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Specialist II
Specialist II

Heat Map customize color for area layer isn't working when a excluded field selected

Hi Team,

Basically we want to plot a Heatmap using Map to show the Values by State irrespective of any selection in Geo [Nation or State]. And also make the area segment colorful by Field "State". But the the area map becomes colorless in case of the selection Geo = Nation . But  we want to see the  output  of  Geo = State  in case of Selection Geo = Nation.

Current details are as 

Expression : Sum({<Geo = >} Val)

Dimension : State

Color : By Dimension "State"

Geo Country State Val
Nation US   30
State US AE 10
State US AA 20

Please find the attached Qvf for color issue in Heatmap for more details.

Many thanks in advance.



3 Replies

Hi @qliksus ,
I just did a quick check and I think the color-result when you select "Nation" is as expected.

In fact when you select nation State has not value
1. create a straight table 

2. add dimensions like Geography,  Geography Focus, Nation, State, TRx 

3. then select Nation 
== > see State  value.  So it will affect the expression used to color by "State" .
Review your model or try to use a default color when the color expression return null value "-"

map nation selected.png

Specialist II
Specialist II

Thanks Joseph for the response. Sorry to say this is how user want to see on selection of Geography = Nation. Basically they want to bypass the Geography = Nation selection and want to see the heatmap by state since there are other UI objects which a values for the respective selection.


Hi @qliksus ,
I agreed with you and my observation is correct because it is related to excluded value. As you are trying to ignores (bypass) selection, can you try to use alternate state i.e. put Nation and State in two different alternate states (