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Ideation Early Access Program

Welcome Talend Customers and Partners! Feature requests are now entered here. ABOUT IDEATION
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New - Qlik Ideation Early Access Program

Thank you for participating in the early access program for the new Ideation system, app, and features. Please see the information below to track our progress.

About the Improvements to Ideation
We are launching a portal for Ideation that will provide much-requested enhancements to the user experience, including better search, complex filtering, personal tracking for interested or submitted ideas, prioritization and subscribing to individual ideas, and more. The portal will also enhance our internal review process, making it easier to review, update, merge, and track ideas. We are aiming to boost trust and understanding of the process.

About this Early Access Program
This program will be testing out 2 things: the Qlik Sense app that will be embedded on the community page, and the new Ideation portal. Luminaries, MVPs, and top Ideation participants are being invited to try these out and provide feedback starting in November to help support improvements prior to launch.

Program Status and Next Steps
Phase 1: Ideation app access (Running Now)
Your expectations:
  1. As of December 11th: Access the Ideation by going to the Support - Product Downloads page, then pasting this link into your browser:
    1. Visiting the download page will generate an anonymous user for you to access the app. Very soon, this will be embedded within Ideation and you will not need to do this.
    2. Please do not create notes or bookmarks now. Due to the anonymous access, they will not be saved or accessible to you on next session
  2. Provide feedback using the EAP Feedback button on the "Browse Ideas" sheet

Phase 2: Access the Ideation Portal via link and/or Qlik Cloud
  1. Access the portal from the link below (coming soon) and/or from the Connect & Learn menu in your Qlik Cloud tenant
  2. Browse ideas, open new ideas, prioritize & vote on ideas
  3. Provide feedback

Phase 3: GA release and ongoing feedback
  1. The app will be released to all Ideation prior to or during phase 2
  2. The portal will be live early January 2023
    1. The existing ideas will all be moved over to the new system except if they are "archived". The existing idea "board", posts and related comments will be accessible via links but not via search or browsing, and new idea posts will be made in the portal.

Program Resources
Please see the posts in this forum for information and updates about the program status, new resources or links, and more.