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measures as a dimension in bar chart

Hi All,

I have a scenario where in i have created a bar chart with MONTH as dimension and 4 Measures Lets call them
A,B,C,D which are nothing but the balance respectively. So, i could achieve this and create a chart now my requirement is instead of showing A-D as measure on Y-Axis i want to show them on X-Axis ... Such as we will have 4 bar's at X-axis 
A,B,C,D but this shows the sum values for the months present in the data..

Example: Monthwise when we have show A-10,B-20,C-30,D-15 for Jan , A-20,B-30,C-10,D-25 for Feb , A-5,B-25,C-50,D-30 for Mar so this normal view which i have achieved now i need

A-35,B-75,C-90,D-70 in bar chart 

Note: O/P should be sum of all the months for those measures.

Thanks in advance

Puneet Agarwal

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Creator II
Creator II

Hi Puneet



can include an image of the graph goal you want to reach, this can help you understand



YoshidaQlik https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1I9P8MqCZEhB6Nw3FdSqng