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Qlik Sense Custom Themes Causing NPrinting Report Generation Hang Behavior

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Qlik Sense Custom Themes Causing NPrinting Report Generation Hang Behavior

Last Update:

May 14, 2024 5:17:53 PM

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Created date:

May 14, 2024 12:03:43 PM


NPrinting report is hanging on preview or in a publish task preventing the report from generating as expected. In many cases with 'Carded' Qlik Sense themes, we are seeing this problem.

This is also seen when the extended sheet feature is used


Related NP log error





There is currently a fix coming to resolve 'carded' custom themes however this fix is still under investigation.

Information provided on this defect is given as is at the time of documenting. For up to date information, please review the most recent Release Notes, or contact support with the QB-24997 for reference.



Possible workarounds for this are:

  1. Disable "Apply Sense app theme" in NPrinting connection definition.
  2. Reduce the size of any Qlik Sense extended sheets so that they are within default sheet size dimensions (In this point, you may test with and without the "Apply Sense app theme" inside the NPrinting connection settings).

NOTE: Extended or Custom sheet sizes are not fully supported. See Qlik Help page below for details

Qlik Sense custom and extended sheets

  • Qlik Sense custom size sheets and extended sheet features will not be maintained on export.



  • Product Defect ID: QB-24997
  • Carded Themes
  • Extended Sheets



  • Qlik NPrinting Supported Versions
  • Qlik Sense versions affected to be determined and resolved as per QB-24997
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