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Top 10 QGA tricks, Qonnections 2018

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Top 10 QGA tricks, Qonnections 2018

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May 5, 2023 9:36:24 AM

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May 14, 2018 9:35:15 AM



At Qonections 2018 I hosted a session called "Top 10 Qlik GeoAnalytics Tricks". Here's the app I used with all tips including test data.

The app covers the following:

  1. Test location lookup
  2. Custom popups
  3. Icon layer
  4. Sense chart in popup
  5. Area outline custom width
  6. Store icons in app
  7. Custom labels
  8. Multi line labels
  9. Dynamic SVG symbols
  10. Points to lines
  11. Shared segments in routes
  12. Drill downs
  13. Custom map background color
  14. Reducing coordinates
  15. Show unselected on map
  16. Node graphs with map
  17. Override conversion in the connector
  18. Buffer using Travelarea and closest
  19. Multi Language support

The app is updated with QS Nov 2019, most of the tips works with prior versions too.

If you liked it, here's more tips in the same style:

Similar but for Visualizations in general:

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